20 Amazing RV Sinks Inspirations in 2020 ( Types & How to Replace)

RV Sinks – There are many things an RV owner has to make sure before hitting the road. First of all, RV owners have to ensure that the vehicle is in great condition. Decorating the interior and exterior of the said RV comes right after. That includes changing and upgrading amenities, one of them being the RV sink. Sometimes customization is needed because buying an RV comes with basic amenities which aren’t satisfying enough for some people that emphasize comfort. Therefore, it’s important to consider whether the RV sink is adequate or it needs an upgrade.


Types of RV Sink

stainless steel rv kitchen sinks

To know whether the sinks you have right know in your RV is suitable for your needs, you have to understand all different types of sinks for RV. First of all, keep in mind that factory installed RV sinks usually meet the bare minimum. The one you have has a big chance that it won’t be satisfying for you. For example, it won’t stay long or it will crack easily. Therefore, you need to consider replacing it with another one with better quality.

Generally, there are three different materials for RV sinks. They are plastic, acrylic and stainless steel. You can easily purchase each type in the nearest store or online. There are many different kinds offered. When deciding what sink you want, you have to weigh between the quality and cost. Durable sinks generally cost more, but you don’t necessarily have to get one if you ‘re not full-timing, for example. However, you need to consider getting a quality one if you have rowdy kids around you. You can work around the budget by getting it installed by yourself, instead of calling people which will add more cost. Here is an explanation for each type:

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1. Plastic

plastic rv sinks
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Plastic RV sinks are usually the cheapest type, which unfortunately means the quality is compromised. Plastic is the material that factory uses to install, especially if the RV you bought isn’t the luxurious type. If you’re not on a tight budget, it’s really advisable to upgrade or replace your plastic RV sink.

Plastic RV sinks tend to suffer more downsides than the other types. They’re not resistant of damages. They can easily crack and break. So, they’re going to be useless really soon with that condition. It will be a problem to have a broken sink while in the middle of travel. It can cause more problems, such as flooding. Not only that, a broken sink can be dangerous as well. The broken edges might hurt someone. Even if they don’t break, the color on plastic will fade easily which makes them unaesthetic. Therefore, it’s better to change your plastic RV with another material that’s more durable.

2. Acrylic

rv bathroom sink faucet repair
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Acrylic RV sinks may look similar to the plastic counterparts, but they’re more durable. The acrylic material guarantees the sinks to be shatterproof. Therefore, an acrylic sink is a great option for people looking for an upgrade. This material is budget friendly but has higher quality than plastic. It’s also available in many patterns and colors, so it’s also favorable in the aesthetic sense. However, it still suffers similar downsides like the plastic material. It still could crack and break, although less so. With the right choice, you could avoid these risks by deciding the quality ones.

3. Stainless Steel

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Stainless steel RV sinks are the most expensive out of all types, but they promise quality. They are high quality, bacteria resistant, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. All these reasons make stainless steel becomes the strongest option for an RV sink upgrade. Investing into stainless steel sinks won’t be regrettable because of these reasons. If you have the budget for one, it’s highly recommended to get it installed.

How to Replace RV Sink

lyons rv kitchen sinks

Does your sink need a replacement as it suffers breaks or cracks? Or maybe, you just bought your RV and you notice the cheap factory installed RV sinks and want an upgrade. If you have a tight budget, installing your own sink can be a great option. You can invest the money for higher quality products instead. Or maybe, you just want to do things by yourself which is great. Whatever your reason is, you should learn and make sure you know how to do it first. Here is an explanation how to replace an RV sink:

1. First

rv sinks for sale
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First of all, you have to disconnect the existing drains by unscrewing the plumbing underneath. You have to loosen the clips under the sink, the ones that held the sink down to the counter. However, you don’t need to disconnect the water supply lines.

2. Second

rv stainless kitchen sinks
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Secondly, you have to measure the new opening. You need to cut it larger using a reciprocating saw. You can mark the midpoint on the counter for this. It helps to make sure the new sink would line up straight with the taps.

3. Third

Thirdly, you now have to install the basket strainers/drains into the holes in the sink. You can choose which way you want to mount them. First, you can use the traditional method of the traditional plumber’s putty. It will solidify, becoming the gasket between the strainer/drainer lip and the sink. The second way is using silicone.

4. Fourth

Fourthly, you need to remove the thin veneer ‘floor shelf’ under the sink area. When it’s done, you should wrap all the supply water lines with foam pipe wrap and zip ties. After that, you should dry-fit the new drain plumbing together. You can use the old drain plumbing as a model. You should also mark all the test-fitted plumbing pieces. When the test fitting and marking the drain plumbing are done, you can re-install the thin veneer ‘shelf’ lower than before.

5. Fifth

Next, you should cement all the drain plumbing together and attach it to the bottom of the sink. Then, you should ease the sink/drain assembly into the counter. You should do this by pressing down on the plumber’s putty bead all around the edge of the sink. When it’s done, you should cement the drain assembly into the trailer PVC drain that goes down into the gray water tank.

6. Sixth

Finally, you should install the under-sink tension clips. You can wipe off the messy putty between the sink and the countertop. When all is perfectly installed, you can test for any leak.

RV Kitchen Sinks

rv sink covers

Having a functional RV kitchen sink is a must, especially for those who spend a lot of time cooking. RV kitchen sinks have a lot of features to choose with different designs and styles. Durability is a main factor to consider and sinks made of stainless steel will generally last longer than plastic. Here is a list of recommended RV kitchen sinks:

1. MENSARJOR 30” x 18” Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

stainless steel sinks for rv
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This sink is handcrafted by skilled artisans with the bottom slightly tilted to prevent water from standing in the bowl. Other features include heavy duty 16 gauge SUS304 stainless which promises durability, radius R10 coved corners that look great and easily cleaned, and quick drain and dry with sloped base channels. The drain matches most kitchen appliances and fits the most common garbage disposal system and unlocks extra space.

Moreover, this sink is scratch resistant, resilient, long lasting, and sound reduced. This sink also has lifetime warranty. It includes multiple installation ways, mounting hardware, pamphlets and installation guidance, multi-functional stainless steel dish grid, 3 piece basket strainer waste, stretch dish drying rack, 3 soft sponges for cleaning. Also this kitchen is really nice and suitable to on recreational van. The small size of this sink make the small space on the RV van use perfectly. This van sink will make your recreational vehicle well organized and perfectly using all space.

2. Ruvati 33-Inch Workstation Ledge 50/50 Double Bowl Undermount 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

rv sinks stainless steel
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This sink has the perfect drain grooves. It has sloped bottom and 4 drain grooves on the bottom of the sink channel water towards the drain so it will keep the sink clean and dry. Because the drain is in the rear center of the sink, it will minimize splashes and make sure the drainage is thorough. With brushed finish, it will be easy to clean and long-lasting. The finish ensures scratches to be hidden. It also includes a hardwood chopping block and a rollup rack. Moreover, it includes basket strainer drain that traps food waste and it can be emptied easily into the trash.

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3. Kraus Standart PRO 32-Inch 16 Gauge Undermount Single Bowl Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

rv sinks with cover
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One of stainless steel RV kitchen sinks, this Kraus sink is a great choice for its type. It’s made from extra-tough T304 stainless steel which guarantess exceptional resistance to corrosion and rust. The material is also sturdy with thickness of 1.5 mm. It also features complete drainage with optimized angle that keeps glassware from falling when placed in the sink. The corners are easy to clean because the shape is rounded. Moreover, it has soundproofing technology that minimizes noise when in use. In addition, it prevents condensation to build up.

4. Patrick Distribution Offset Double Bowl Stainless Steel RV Kitchen Sink

rv sink with lid
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This sink is a double bowl kitchen sink. It’s durable and rust resistant. It has channel grooves that allow water to drain out. With its wide, rectangular shape, doing dishes is more comfortable.

5. Lasalle Bristol Double Bowl RV Kitchen Sink

small rv sinks
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Lasalle Bristol RV sinks are popular a popular choice because of their quality. The minimalist design of this double bowl sink makes it easy to install. It also has pre-installed dampening pads on the bottom to reduce noise. Moreover, it’s durable as it has 22-gauge stainless steel construction which resists rust.

RV Bathroom Sinks

motorhome bathroom sink

A comfortable bathroom is one of the keys for an enjoyable life in an RV. Having a suitable bathroom sink in the RV will guarantee a good hygiene for everyone. The design, size and material are factors to consider when picking a sink. The sink will have to be durable and fitting in the bathroom. Here is a list of recommended RV bathroom sinks:

1. Walcut Bathroom Wall Mount Rectangle Corner Sink

This bathroom sink has high quality material of porcelain that includes brass faucet and drain. With modern and stylish design, this sink will look beautiful in the RV bathroom. In addition, it’s also easy to clean as it has polished surface.

2. Lordear 21” Undermount Vessel Sink

rv acrylic kitchen sinks
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With high quality ceramic construction, this sink has low water absorption, acid resistance, smooth and polished surface. In addition, it’s also resistant to stains so it’ll be easy to maintain. Moreover, this sink has limited lifetime warranty.

3. JR Products 95351 Molded Lavatory Sink

better bath sinks
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The quality is premium as it uses porcelain as the material. This sink is complete as it includes a 6” long tail flange with ABS glue, a 4” rubber sink stopper, mounting clips and screws. So, it’ll be easy to install.

4. Gimify Bathroom Corner Wall Mount Sink Ceramic White for Small Bathroom

diy rv sink cover
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With its small size, this sink is a perfect choice for small campers to fit in. It’s made of high quality material of ceramic. However, it only comes with the sink. The brass pop-up drain and trap should be purchased separately. This sink is still worth the money, as it’s easy to clean and it guarantees for 10 years.

5. PROFLO PF19164WH 19” Self Rimming Oval Bathroom Sink

rv kitchen sinks stainless
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The material of this sink is vitreous china. The installation is drop in and the sink comes with pre-drilled faucet holes. The drain is at the rear so it will give space under the sink to use. In addition, it’s also equipped with an overflow to prevent water spillage.

6. AWESON 16”x12” Rectangular Ceramic Vessel Sink

small rv sinks
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With a premium quality, this product is perfect for those looking for vessel sink only. Keep in mind that there’s no overflow hole and faucet holes. It should be installed above counter.

7. KES Bathroom Vessel Sink 19-Inch White Rectangle Above Counter Countertop Porcelain Ceramic Bowl Vanity Sink

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This white rectangle sink is made of quality ceramic. It’s great for those who purchase this product from far away as this has an excellent packaging. It’s packed with extra-thick foam on all sides to prevent shock and vibration. With sleek design, this sink features a smooth surface with a baked-on glass for durability and a high-gloss finish.

8. Kichae 16”x12” Modern Bathroom Rectangle Above White Porcelain Ceramic Vessel Vanity Sink Art Basin

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With a high quality material certified by IAMPO, this sink promises durability, smoothness, and non porous and polished surface. This makes the sink resistant to bacterial growth. It also has low water absorption which makes the sink easy to clean and maintain. In addition, it’s easy to install since uses above-counter design. This sink also has warranty of three months.

9. WENKEN One Hole Small Corner Ceramic Above Counter Top Bathroom Sink with Drainer

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The design of this sink is unique as the shape is triangular and uses vitreous china as the material. It’s also resistant to scratches and stains as it has reno-gloss finish. In addition, it gives warranty.

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10. SereneLife Portable Camping Sink w/ Towel Holder and Soap Dispenser

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This sink is especially perfect for outdoor activities since it’s portable. It’s also a great choice for those who have small campers. It has wheels to move it around and it uses foot-operated pump for easier use. What’s more convenient is that this sink features a dispenser for hand soap and a towel rack.


Replacing the sinks in RV becomes necessary when they come with cheap factory installed sinks. They’re usually made of plastic which doesn’t guarantee durability. For those who travel a lot in their RV, functional and durable sinks are important to ensure convenient travel. Acrylic can be a good choice for people who want to upgrade but have limited budget. However, it’s highly recommended to invest in stainless steel sinks. They have the best quality. The high price that requires will be worthy as stainless steel sinks last long. For those who want to install stainless steel sinks but have tight budget, it’s better to opt for self-installation. Therefore, the saved money can go for quality products.

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