Small Bedroom Ideas (How to Make A Small Bedroom Look Bigger)

Small Bedroom Ideas – For urban people living in city apartments or those who opt for modern and minimalist style of bedroom in a small space, a small bedroom might be one they would have for a makeover. One good thing about having a small space is that you don’t need to do much to create a cozy yet beautiful space. It takes creativity in designing the layout, color scheme, furniture and decorations.

Creating a stylish small bedroom might be tricky, but the results would be worth it. Think of a comfortable night sleep that you would have in your small bedroom and the style that you flaunt in it. Then, bedroom’s main function to be a place to rest and recharge your mind would be fulfilled.


How to Make A Small Bedroom Look Bigger

How to make a small bedroom look bigger

Small bedrooms are just too difficult to design and decorate as you have to think where to put your furniture such as bed and wardrobe. However, creative ideas on layouts can help you organize your furniture and other decorative elements so that your small space would still look stylish. There are some bedroom design rules and color schemes you have got to stick to and the final design will just amaze you. The question of how to make your small room look spacious and bigger is answered with some tips below.

Paint Your Wall in Neutral

Light and natural colors reflect the light, making it seem brighter and spacey. In contrast, dark paint makes the room feel smaller, thus you’ll feel in a cramped space. When you want to coordinate colors, you may opt for monochromatic colors. Think of shades of blue or green to coordinate the flow of color. Remember that in some room design, coordinating the opposite colors might be a brilliant idea but for a small bedroom, it can make the room feel smaller.

Use Functional Furniture

Bedside tables in your small room? Why not? But remember function is important when it comes to choosing furniture for your small bedroom. The most important furniture you should have is a bed, then what’s next is a wardrobe. Then one bedside table would be adequate.

Keep the Bed Low and Simple

If you share a room with another person, try a pullman bed so the room can look bigger as more space is available. Tall chairs and tables in your small bedroom design are ones you should get rid of the get a look of spacious room. Keeping your bed low to the ground with no-headboard frame is all you need to make your space roomier – simple and low bed.

Avoid Hanging Too Many Items

Then, what’s next is that you have to remember small bedrooms do not need excessive accessories. It means that you also have to avoid hanging too many things either on your ceiling or wall. Keep it simple and unclutter your space for a spacious look.

Put in Mirrors

Feng shui experts suggest that mirrors should be carefully used and places in bedrooms as they have the elements of reflecting. The best way to put a mirror in a small room is when you have a bare wall or door in your bedroom. Putting mirror to project bare wall can create a sense of space. Some alternatives are having mirrors to go floor-to-ceiling or mirrored closet. .

Play out with Lightings

As lighting can set the tone of a room, think of warm and soft lighting for your small space. Another brilliant idea is to use smaller lamps around the room. For example, having night lamps lit only at before bedtime would make the room feel so cozy, while litting up all small lamps around would create a spacious feel as your eyes are projected to many lit areas.

Use Blinds

Instead of drapes allInstead of drapes all the way to the floor, choose blinds from The Blinds Source to create a minimalist style in your bedroom. This design would make your bedroom look spacey. If you have drapes in place of blinds, choose the long ones to create a horizontal effect.

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Small Bedroom Hacks and Solutions

modern bedroom lamps

A small bedroom does not mean that you can’t do anything with it. Having focused on organization and color scheme, think of putting some style in your space. Here are some ideas you can apply to make your small space look clean yet stylish.

Make Use the Space Under the Bed

By : ЖК СІТІ (спальня) м. Львів Anna Hrachova

Putting storage under the bed is what you need to make your room clean and tidy. Look how the storage under the bed help declutter the space. Except your chosen bed is on the floor, then this idea is a great solution to a small bedroom.

Compact Storage System

By : Kingfisher Design Studio Product Design

A compact storage is also a great solution for those wanting to declutter the space. This wardrobe and storage combined is what you need in a small space. It can store anything you have starting from clothes to books.

Hanging Lamps

By : Master bedroom Pavel Naumenko

Looking for style to add in your bedroom? Hanging lamps or simple chandelier would definitely make your room look polished. Look how this chandelier creates style and draws eyes to the whole room.

White Bedding Set

modern farmhouse bedroom ideas
By : Interiors by Maite Granda

White bedding set is what your can opt for when it comes to bedding. This bedding set makes the room look cozy and elegant. To beat monotony, put a touch of simple black pattern on it, it can on your small pillow or layer blanket.

Open Partition

Small Bedroom Hacks and Solutions
By : Allen+Killcoyne Architects

For apartment dwellers, creating an open space bedroom is an alternative. Think of open partition to separate your small bedroom and other rooms. This room looks chic with its wooden partition that goes in line with the whole design.

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Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

When it comes to decorating a small space, you might get stuck on its limited space. But it doesn’t mean to be lacking variation. With creativity you can turn your small chamber into a little paradise in style. Here are some ideas you can inspire.

White Accents

BY : Olga Krasnikova

This room is super cozy with only stuff which you need are stored in the room. Other accessories come with its function and style such as patterned rugs, long drapes, and some knicks knacks to create natural accents in the room.

Cool and Cozy

modern bedroom design ideas
By : Yulia Melnik

The white and clean wall paint is all you need to create a sense of roominess. The pastel colors on its bedding sets and bed chairs boost elegance in this small bedroom. This room is just a great inspiration for those looking for clean and refined bedroom.

Minimalist Style

modern turquoise bedroom ideas
Source :

This hotel-like bedroom might inspire those who love being in a private and cozy bedroom. With little space, a great plan might be having a television set mounted on the wall close to your bed. This idea would definitely satisfy movie freaks, get ready for bedtime movies!


Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas
By : Caitlin & Caitlin Design Co.

The black and white concept applied in this bedroom is perfect for those sensing sophistication in a room design. Look how the lightings in the room are applied and some accessories such as thin table and patterned rug work. Textures on the wall and tall wooden door make the room look much more appealing.

Blue and Gray

Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas
By : Dawn Hearn Interior Design

Time to relax and wind with blue concepts. This concept creates a sense of being in a cottage for a retreat, stress-relieving with soft and calming color schemes. The blue wall paint and night lamps set the mood of the room, quiet and secluded.

Small Bedroom Furniture

Small Bedroom Furniture

While it is important for us to start with the layout organisation of the room, we may not forget that what’s next is choosing what occupies the space most – the furniture. Make sure your furniture has the right scale to fit in the space, otherwise, you would have to redo the planning. Here are some furniture that would fit your petite haven so there would be some more space for creativity.

Storage Bed

Small Bedroom Furniture
By : MASHstudios

This under-the-bed storage is a clever idea to be put in your small room. It helps you declutter the space for more things to be stored and displayed in your chamber.


Small Bedroom Furniture
By : Dionis Olinevych

This simple and minimalist dressers would also help you declutter your space. This dressers would perfectly fit your all-white bedroom style, creating a clean look in your room. Solve your storage needs with only one piece furniture, this item is just a great alternative.


Small Bedroom Furniture
By : Michele Lee Willson Photography

When your space is limited and you still need a nightstand next to your bed, then one small nightstand would do. This nightstand is simple yet functional. Its design matches the whole design.

Shelves Attached to the Wall

Small Bedroom Furniture
By : Sian Baxter Lighting Design

As an alternative to nightstands, the idea of having shelves attached to the wall and surround the bed is way-out. Look how the projected lights make the area look wider in perspectives.

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Small Bedroom Color Ideas

Small Bedroom Color Ideas

Choosing a color is an important consideration as it sets the ambience of the room. The function of a bedroom is to create a peaceful atmosphere so you can rest and relax. So, bear in mind to choose the colors that are soothing, relaxing and serene. From white that creates spacious look to green that looks so natural, here are some colors ideas you can apply:


 Small Bedroom Color Ideas
BY : Jean van der Meulen

White in shades of white or off white such as cream, ivory, and pearl will make a small bedroom larger. A white ceiling will also create the illusion of height, making the space look roomier.

Creamy Accents

modern boho bedroom ideas

Purple Accents

 Small Bedroom Color Ideas
By : Vecislavas Popa

The color purple in general has the effect of calming the mind, setting up the room ambience to be perfect for resting. This light purple wall paint to be combined with purple accents on the accessories is one alternative color to select.


By : julie aagaard

Being different from previous choices which emphasize on light colors choice, this wall paint is one color you can opt for. It is a great combination of dark green wall and different color bedding set. Who would dare to defy the fact that this room paint gives a feeling of comfort and warmth?

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Small Bedroom Accessories

modern bedroom lamps

Your small bedroom consists of generally a bed, dressers, nightstands, and wardrobe. Those furniture are essential, but what’s more is accessories that create style in your space. Some accessories would look too much or too simple, so it’s better to stick to your chosen room design so that the choice of the accessories would make your space look more attractive rather than cluttered. Here are some accessories that would fit all designs you chose for your small bedroom.

Impact Lighting

By : William Sun

For small bedrooms, you should have several lamps such as a bedside lamp, a floor lamp, and ceiling lighting projected to one area or the whole room. As lamps can be the most important accessories which boost the color tone of the room, choose lighting fixtures that match your bedroom design. Choose the sleek design lamp for your modern style room or simple chandelier for the traditional one.

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Simple Artwork

modern bedroom chandeliers
By : Buenosia Carol

Simple artwork is one accessories that represent the artistic style you choose. The simple style of artwork is the only option for a small bedroom as too much of it would just burden the design.


modern bedroom colours
By : Jean van der Meulen

Another important accessories that elevate the style is rugs. Who doesn’t love the idea of stepping out of the bedroom onto a rug? To add, rugs in a bedroom create another layer of texture, warmth and comfort.

TV set

By : Naim Benjelloun

To create luxury with shams, choose sateen material with sleek design. Pillow shams are typically for decorative purposes but they can function as sleeping pillows. Have some on your bed to create style and comfort – all you need for a small bedroom.

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Small bedroom is quite a challenge, but with planning and ideas in mind, you would turn a boring small space into a cozy yet stylish room. First thing first, choose furniture that fits the size of the room, then color scheme that sets the tone. Lastly, pick some accessories that add style to the design. This process seems to be applicable to all room styles, but small space needs more planning and creativity.

To make small rooms look bigger is to make it organized and clean. Declutter and you will find a clean space to put more functional and stylish accessories. Small bedroom can turn to cozy haven if you put just the right size of everything in it – from furniture to knicks knacks that elevate flair.

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