Boho Bedroom Ideas (How to Decor & Best Color for Bohemian Style)

Boho Bedroom Ideas – Who can resist the temptation of collapsing into a comfortable and heavenly bed at the end of the day? Your bedroom is the central point in your house, reflecting your personality and it is more than a place to sleep. If you enjoy culture and the diversity of the world, you might want to design your bedroom in a boho style – comfy and personal.

Bohemian decorating style embraces the blithe, relaxed, and relaxed style. The rooms are typically eclectic and leading an unconventional life. It suits the taste of travelers, actors, writers or anyone with unique and carefree personality. The Bohemian style reflects the combination of different objects, colors, patterns and textures. If you are looking for a style that you can bring out your buoyant personality, Boho might be for you.


What is Boho Style Decor?

What is boho style decor
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How do we define a boho style decor? it’s a bright, patterned, a varied mixture of memorable layers and elements. Basically, uniqueness is the best word to describe this style. The word ‘bohemian’ refers to someone who is often involved in the arts and socially unconventional. Bohemians make a great interior design option for relaxing mind in their own perspectives – carefree style. But what makes bohemian style so unique and feasible? How do you get the boho look without being too much in ornaments and details? Here are some elements constituting a boho style.

1. Warm earthy colors

For a bohemian style bedroom, start with a simple base color. This means that you need to apply warm earthy tones. A neutral base allows you to mix perfectly with other ornaments or furniture without being unpleasantly overpowering. These colors create a harmonious and relaxing bohemian decor style.

2. Artistic decorations

As boho style catering the needs of being expressive, artistic decorations are must-have items in the room. Start with artistic hangings and earthy color ornaments that make your room look a melting pot of culture from many corners of the world. Choose art pieces that appear to flaunt its aesthetics and personal history.

3. Vintage furniture

There is a saying that the closer to the floor you are, the closer you are to creating an authentic bohemian style house. Think low bed, scattered with plenty of plush, comfortable pillows and bolsters. A vintage sofa in your bedroom will give a touch of boho style. To add, a comfortable rug will complete the whole look of your boho bedroom. Items and furniture from local flea market can be added to create more feeling of a bohemian style.

4. Ambient lighting

Layering similar patterns is one way to achieve a bohemian style. From contrasting patterned rugs to colorful bedding set with different textures applied, using various patterns is what you can do here. Have fun with the mix of different patterns, shapes to create a lush bohemian vibe in your private room. For boho style, you might also want to select hues to enhance the layers of patterns you present in the room

5. Plants to add colors

Plants are natural elements that you can’t leave to create a boho decor room. Botanicals fit with bohemian style as it adds natural part to a room. Hanging plants are what you can opt for to create an excellent bohemian touch into your space. Moreover, these plants are giving different color to the room plus purifying the air. A simple woven hanging basket is also a great boho item you can use to put your plants in.

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How to Set up A Boho Style Bedroom

How to set up a boho style bedroom
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Bohemian style bedroom is a personal statement for those who have unique and carefree personalities. These people long for a comfortable room that reflects. A room filled with houseplants, brightly patterned area rugs, and artistic ornaments mirrors boho styles. How does it actually take to create a heavenly bohemian style in your bedroom? Here are simple ideas on how to design a boho style bedroom.

1. Start with Low Bed

As in many styles applied in a bedroom concept, what you really need to start in designing a boho style bedroom is the bed itself. A bohemian bed is low to the ground with simple frames which are usually made of wood. This low bed is just an ideal way for more space to free, let’s say if you plan to hang some ornaments. In some boho bedroom, some beds are just going frameless, representing the carefree personality of its owner.

2. Put Layers on Bed

When thinking of decorative accents, you may want to start with bedding. The use of different textures and prints on your bedding set would create a boho vibe. You may want to have fringe, tassels, and crochet to create layers on your bedding sheets or blankets and different colors of pillows and bolsters to make it more decorative.

3. Hang some artistic ornaments

Music instruments or ornaments are just samples of things you can put in your boho room. Think of a vintage speaker or a guitar hanging on the wall. Other decor items that belong to bohemian paradise are dream catchers or succulent prints. Hang them on the wall or simply stack them along with other items in your small corner of the room.

4. Let in Nature

As the boho style relies on nature, you may want to start choosing a wide open glass window so you can see the outdoors. Not only that you’re letting in the morning breeze, you will see the nice picture of nature during the day. If your room is not this open, a good option would be letting in nature to the room. Work on the plants you love to have inside your bedroom and let its color and nature work best in your boho bedroom.

5. Add Some Rustic Materials

It is great to always have a touch of wood in a bohemian bedroom. It can be a birch nightstand, a rough pallet bed or wood floor. For simple touch of wooden element in your bedroom, you may also want to have small wood ornaments to reside on your bedside table. Another rule for this wood furnishing is that you have to somehow leave it rustic, as the more natural you can bring to the boho bedroom, the more vibe you add in it.

6. Vary the Texture of Rugs and Curtain

Boho decor is about the variation in texture and different layers that create harmony. Instead of using one texture on everything you have either for your bedding sheet or curtain, try a shaggy rug or long drapes with fringes. The variety will make your bedroom so boho.

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The Best Furniture for Your Boho Bedroom Ideas

Boho design is inspired by a carefree personalities of traveler or writers who love adventure. This style is casual and displays the wide ranging vibes of many aspects they see from the world they live in. In choosing the furniture for your boho bedroom, you may choose some which are energetic in colors, vintage or rustic. Here are some samples of furniture you can pick to create your boho style bedroom.

1. Simple Bed

The best furniture for your boho bedroom
By : Ondine Karady Design

This simple bed with no headboard is what you can choose to add in your plan. Its simplicity lets other decor items play more roles to create the boho vibe in your room. Add in some variety of texture and colors to your bedding sheet to make sure you are on the right track of making your bedroom a bohemian paradise.

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2. Upholstered Bench

The best furniture for your boho bedroom
By : Gem+Elli

This simple bed with no headboard is what you can choose to add in your plan. Its simplicity lets other decor items play more roles to create the boho vibe in your room. Add in some variety of texture and colors to your bedding sheet to make sure you are on the right track of making your bedroom a bohemian paradise.

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3. Burlap-backed Chair

The best furniture for your boho bedroom
By : Breeze Giannasio Interiors

This burlap-backed chair is not only about comfort that it offers, but it is also about good looks. Crafted in a symphony of neutral oak and linen and backed with a light toile, this chair would add the vintage look in your boho bedroom. Solid oak frame makes this chair best suited with the nature-like characteristic of a bohemian style. Drape some laces or put earthy color pillows, then you are ready to settle in this comfort chair.

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4. Simple Bedside Table

The best furniture for your boho bedroom
By : House of Nomad

This nightstand has straight pilasters and legs, inset drawers with framed ends, plywood drawers and contains one drawer with an open area for display. This furniture has natural looking that would fit your boho bedroom. Put some artistic ornaments on it and that would complete the whole look of a bohemian style.

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Accessories for A Boho Bedroom Ideas

Accessories for a boho bedroom
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Bohemian style is now considered popular although it seems to be unusual. Boho interior design is full with earthy colors, with some tendency of using bright colors and vintage furniture. The interesting part of designing a boho bedroom is that it creates a very happy tone and atmosphere. To create a more boho flair to your room, here are some accessories which are in some ways called artistic – mirroring your unique style.

Woven Rug

Accessories for A Minimalist Bedroom
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Take a woven rug with tassels. This earthy color rug would ornament your room into a boho look. One option is to put it on the floor, but an idea to hang it on the wall will look great, too. 

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Curtain with Fringe Tiebacks

Accessories for A Minimalist Bedroom
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This curtain will not fit your boho bedroom unless you put fringe tiebacks on it. The fringes are what make it cultured and ideal accessories to your plain curtain.

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Wooden Plank for Plants

Accessories for A Minimalist Bedroom

Look at the whole look of this boho bedroom. Let’s start with the ceiling lampt. This ceiling lamp is delicately hand woven and gives a great natural look to the upper part of the room. It gives an iconic appearance in shape as well as texture. With adjusted light, this lamp would perfectly fit your room.

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Quilted Blanket

Accessories for A Minimalist Bedroom
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Quilted blanket is one way you would find your bed comfortable and cultured. Choose any kinds of colors from soft to earthy color ones and you’ll never feel wrong to put it in your boho bedroom.

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Macrame Wall Hanging

Madison Modern Home
By : Madison Modern Home

Bring personality to your bedroom by hanging this macrame. This wall hanging is perfect for elevating the boho flair to the space. It creates an eye-catching piece that instantly transforms simplicity to something more artistic.

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Dream Catcher

By : Fotograf & boligstylist stylist Lene Samsø

A dream catcher is thought to be originated from North America. According to its myth, dream catchers were hung above the beds of sleeping children to protect them from bad dreams and evil spirits. The web spider would filter only good dreams to reach the children. So, thinking of having a sleep tight every night? Hang a dream catcher above your bed. Bad spirit’s gone, boho flair comes in.

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  • Unique Star design Creates a festive and cheerful atmosphere for the room.

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White Boho Bedroom Ideas

White boho bedroom ideas
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Designing boho bedroom with all-white concept? Using layers textiles and textures, including knits, sheepskins, and fluffy rugs, you can still create a cozy and chill boho style. Check out some ideas on white boho bedroom you might want to apply in your room.

Cozy White Bohemian Style

White boho bedroom ideas
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Playing with layers of bedspreads and blankets, the low bed looks cozy and inviting. The white flair is enhanced with drapes with layers of different textiles. Apart from that, the fluffy rug is just another concept added to the whole cozy white bohemian style.

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White and Plants

White boho bedroom ideas
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This simple bed is covered with embossed bedspread and soft mattress. To add the boho flair to this simplicity, plants are put in many corners of the room. Who would not love this airy and natural look in a cozy boho room?

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White and Wooden

white boho bedroom ideas
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Wood elements are the natural parts you can put along with all-white concept in your boho bedroom. Start with wood floor that fits any decor styles to the wood bed frames that create a natural look in your bedroom. A woven rattan basket is what you need to complete the whole look of white and wooden boho room.

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White and Spacious

White Boho Bedroom Ideas
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This room is an ideal room for those who have more space for their bedroom. Look how traditional greek room is represented in the arch to partition the bed and another space. A purple touch on the pillows spread all over the room and the white rug boosts up its cozy and warm style of a boho bedroom.

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More White Bohemian Bedroom Ideas

Colorful Boho Bedroom Ideas

Colorfull boho bedroom ideas
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As boho style is favoured by those having eclectic perspectives, they would definitely turn to colorful boho bedroom ideas. Here are some ideas you can inspire when setting up or redesigning your bedroom.

Purple Accents

Colorful Boho Bedroom Ideas
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This glamorous decorating style is a colorful blend of patterns, fabrics, styles, and textures. This bedroom has Moroccan touches as seen in the focal point of the bedroom itself – the bed. This bedroom is a color combination of shades of purple with some other colors such as green that pops out and gives eclectic flair the choice of color. Want to look glamorous, yet introducing the hobo style in your room? This might be one idea you can start with.

Simple Colors Combination

Colorful Boho Bedroom Ideas
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We call this room as having simple color combination: shades of gray, white, black and natural colors. Start with the dark gray on its wall, this room creates a boho flair through its wooden accessories and white bedsheet, rugs and lamps. Black bedside tables are just perfect addition to the room, while plants are just good things to put in the room for adding pop out color.

Red Boho Bedroom Ideas

Colorful Boho Bedroom Ideas
Source :

Full of books loosely arranged on the shelf and some artistic decorations, this room seems to cater the needs of a writer or traveler. Then, what makes this more eclectic is the choice of embossed bedspread dominated with red color.

Nature Boho Bedroom Ideas

Colorful Boho Bedroom Ideas
Source :

This colorful room is so close to nature with plants all around the room. And who would not think of this as a cozy retreat for your nap and night sleep? The colors added are red and green in its floral pattern bed sheet and pillow. The brown blanket that layers the top of the bed is perfect for a boho look.

More Colorful Bohemian Ideas

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Boho Bedroom Ideas on A Budget

Boho bedroom ideas on a budget
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Mattress and Accessories

Boho bedroom ideas on a budget
Source :

Plants Here and There

Boho bedroom ideas on a budget
By : Chris Snook

Hanging Accessories

Boho bedroom ideas on a budget
By : STRUKTR Studios Photography


Boho bedroom ideas on a budget
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Conclusion of Boho Bedroom Ideas

There are many considerations if you choose a bohemian style to apply in designing your bedroom. Boho style encompasses global and artistic influences. This style focuses on the uses of many layers, patterns, and boho color combinations that show the eclectic flair to the room. One element that must be taken into account during the process of setting up a boho bedroom is decorations. All in all, boho style bedroom is a fit to those having unique personality, so if you aim to flaunt your carefree personality, start collecting artistic decorations to create a hobo feel to the room.

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