Are You Looking for Nevada Land for Sale?

Are You Looking for Nevada Land for Sale? Many people may believe that looking for land in Nevada is pointless due to its vast stretch of desert. The famous Route 50 that travels from the central part of the state through the Great Basin is known as “the Loneliest Road in America.” However, these “lonely lands” offer affordable land to bargain hunters looking for cheaper property.


Nevada Land is a Surprising Investment

Nevada is known as the “Silver State.” The nickname came from the Comstock Lode being uncovered in 1859. This discovery made the nearby town of Virginia City one of the wealthiest cities. Desert aside, you may be interested in Nevada land for sale once you learn that more than 85% of Nevada’s land is known for metal detecting. If you’re not interested in financial gains, other popular activities in Nevada include hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding.


One drawback for people desiring a cooler climate is that Nevada is the driest state in America. Nevada usually has less than seven inches of rain per year. The benefit is that outdoor plans won’t be ruined by rain. When winter arrives, many Nevada locals pursue winter sports passions. One hundred seventy-two mountain summits promise many opportunities to go skiing at Nevada’s 15 full-service ski resorts. The name Nevada is actually Spanish for “snow-clad.”


Besides Las Vegas, Nevada’s other claim to fame is being home to one of the most famous landowners. Widower, Ben Cartwright, ran the Ponderosa Ranch with his three sons on NBC’s Western drama Bonanza. The picturesque landscape inspired the drama’s show runners to move from its Hollywood soundstage to film on location in Nevada. The Nevada set was a popular tourist attraction for decades after the show wrapped.

Other Fun Facts About Nevada

Though the state is on the larger side of size, 85% is owned by the Federal government. This fact would make sense since Area 51 is near the town of Rachel. The state is also the leading producer of gold in the United States. Regarding global gold production, Nevada is only second to South Africa.

While it is true that Nevada is known for casinos and fancy restaurants, that is only some of what the state has to offer. Due to the proximity of Las Vegas, Nevada pulls in some of the top-performing talents in the world. Big names come to Nevada. If concerts aren’t your thing, there is also golf, camping, fishing, boating, and much more.

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