Water Filter Buying Guide for First Buyers

Water Filter Buying Guide – Installing a water filter is your one-way ticket to enjoying high-quality drinking water. Buying a new water filter may seem easy, but as a first-time buyer, you’re prone to make some common mistakes.

There are several types of filters, and they all work differently. Some specifically remove foul odor, bad taste, or chemical contaminants from your water, while others focus on reducing heavy metals.

As you can guess, not all water filters are suited for your needs. Some may not handle the kind of contaminants you have in your water. So, before you can buy a water filter, you need to know what your water is contaminated with and buy the exact water filter for that issue.


Types of Water Filters

There are different kinds of water filters available. They vary in prices, size, lifespan and how they function. Here are some water filter types you can choose from.

Under Sink Filters

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As the name implies, under sink water filters are installed under the sink. They connect straight to your main supply line, giving you an endless supply of filtered water whenever you open the sink’s faucet. Under sink filters usually have their own small dispenser placed next to the main faucet on the countertop. They’re convenient, portable and easy to use. You can read more about under sink water filters to find out if they’re best for you.

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Countertop Filters

There are two types of countertop filters. The first kind has its filters on top and a big reservoir on the bottom.

 It can hold at least 2.25 gallons of water, more than a pitcher-style filter can handle. However, most countertop filters will only supply water at room temperature since they cannot fit into your fridge.

The second type of countertop filter is attached to your kitchen sink and connects to your home’s main water supply. It dispenses filtered water whenever you turn it on.

Refrigerator Water Filters

Water and ice dispensers are common on bottom freezers and side-by-side refrigerators. A built-in filter is usually used to purify the water line. You can easily replace a refrigerator filter by pushing and twisting the filter. However, a replacement filter can cost you $50 or more, and it needs to be replaced every six months.

Fridge filters can eliminate various toxins as effectively as a countertop or under-counter water filter, depending on the system used.

Faucet Water Filters

These filters are attached directly to the kitchen faucet and purify the water as it runs through. They can be simple carbon filters or more complex multi-function filters. They are easy to install, although they may not suit all types of faucets. 

Faucet water filters are also quite affordable and easy to take out when you move to a new place. On the downside, they lower water pressure, which is bad for homes with already low psi. Low water pressure generally means your water will flow slower than is convenient. 

A Guide to Follow When Buying Your First Water Filter

If you’ve decided to get a water filter, here’s what you can do to ensure you’re buying the right filter for your home:

Test Your Water Quality

Do you know where your home water comes from? The kind of water filter you’ll need majorly depends on the type of water that’s distributed to your house.In addition to that, whether your water comes from a private or public source, you have to test it to know its quality.  You can test your water’s quality using readily available checkup kits, or you can hire a professional to do the job. The test results will determine the exact problem you have in your water and the kind of water filter you should get.

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Buy From Reputable Suppliers

Checking testimonials helps you locate a reputable water filter supplier, and it can also help you determine the right water filter brand for you.

You can also shop for water filters online and compare prices. You might find two products with the same qualities but different price tags. The goal, of course, is to get top quality filters at best prices. 

Be careful to read the water filter’s description and pollutant removal list before purchasing it. Also, read the terms of the warranty. For most companies, installing the filter yourself nullifies the warranty. So even if you can fix it yourself, it might be better to pay a professional to do it. The filter companies believe you may have installed it incorrectly, and any problem from the filter is automatically assumed to be your fault. 

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Check the Water Filter’s Warranty and Maintenance Cost

Most water purifiers include a one-year product guarantee, a one-year RO + UF (reverse osmosis plus ultrafiltration) membrane warranty, and a six-month warranty on installing sediment and post-carbon filters.

On the other hand, some brands provide a free AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) for one to three years. AMC includes the cost of labor and the expense of replacing the membrane and filters within six months to a year if something goes wrong.

The most affordable water purifiers to maintain are gravity water purifiers, whereas RO and RO+UV ( reverse osmosis plus ultraviolet) filters have the most expensive maintenance and repair costs. As a result, most buyers prefer models with free AMC plans.

In conclusion, I recommend that you read this article to avoid wasting money on a water filter that is not worth your time or money. Hope this Water Filter Buying Guide.

Don’t waste money by buying an old, clunky water filter; make sure it has a high capacity and is easy to clean!

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