How To Prevent Mold & Mildew Or Any Bad Appearance In The Bathroom

How to prevent mold– Nobody wants to see molds or any other ugly and harmful things present or growing in their beloved houses. Mold results in the biodegradation of naturally-occurring materials, it causes damage to the property, and may also cause certain health issues. Where the whole house requires to be safeguarded against mold, some areas are more vulnerable than others, such as bathrooms as they are frequently exposed to humidity, moisture, and steam. Therefore, they require serious and constant safety measures to be protected against all bad appearances.

It is quite simple and easy to keep your bathroom mold-free by being habitual and consistent in cleaning. There are also several tips and tricks to avoid the growth of mold in one of the most exposed places of your homes, bathrooms. Read on to learn about some effective and stress-free guidelines that you can follow to remain mold-free.


Harms of Molds and Mildew

Mold and mildew go unmarked in many homes. You may consider it an insignificant problem as it is common in many places but it actually poses some serious threats to health.

Breathing Problems

With the growth of molds, other unstable organic compounds like spores, toxins, dust mites, allergens, and cell fragments can also enter the air and cause breathing problems. People who already suffer from asthma, chronic lung condition, or any other breathing issues can especially get affected by these toxic particles. 


Mold growth in any space creates unhygienic conditions. It brings many allergies along with it and contaminates the whole environment. Moreover, The inhabitants can experience health issues like blocked or runny nose, irritation in the upper respiratory tract, itchy nose, itchy throat, sneezing, and nausea. People with mold allergies are more vulnerable to getting affected by the mold and mildew growth in the space. 

Other Conditions

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Some molds can cause serious health issues like Aspergillosis. The weakened immune system, bronchitis, hypersensitivity pneumonitis, allergic fungal sinusitis, and severe reactions to lung diseases are some other consequences of mold and mildew growth. 

Mildew & Mold Preventions

All these health risks suggest that mold or mildew growth is extremely harmful to health. So we need to take immediate action to control it. First, reduce the humidity level in your home. Make sure that there are no leaks and spills in the bathroom. Remove the mold as soon as you notice the growth. Use chemicals and remedies to prevent it from growing again and make sure that you look out for any further growth. 

What Causes Mold Growth in Bathrooms?

Bathrooms are the hotspots for mold growth. Why is that so? Well, generally because bathrooms are constantly exposed to water and wet conditions. However, some other factors are as follows.

  • Poor ventilation in the bathroom is a huge reason for mold growth. Walls and floors provide favorable conditions for mold and mildew growth when they are exposed to moisture for an extended period of time so make sure that you have a good ventilation system in the bathroom.
  • Continuous leaks and spills are another reason for mold growth. Make sure that there are no wet spots by inspecting the plumbing and fixtures regularly. 
  • The grout between the tiles is mostly exposed to water and seldom cleaned as it is a tough spot. All these conditions together enable mold growth.

5 Tips How to Prevent Mold Growth in Your Bathroom

Use Glass Sheet backsplash just over the Sink

how to prevent mold in closet

A glass sheet backsplash is a plain sheet of glass that can be installed onto your bathroom wall. Besides adding to your bathroom’s aesthetic and beauty, a glass sheet backsplash installed just over the sink will provide significant protection against molds. As molds cannot grow without moisture, a glass sheet will keep the wall moist-free and give a protective layer to the wall against the effects of constant exposure to humidity and moisture. Moreover, glass is quite easy to clean and needs low maintenance. You can clean away all the residue with a simple wipe of a cloth or a cleaner. It requires one-time installation, easy cleaning, and adds style to your bathroom. 

You can get these glass sheet backsplashes easily via online stores like Fab Glass and Mirror. They offer a wide range of glass sheet backsplashes and other architectural items to give your houses a beautiful and clean look.

Proper Ventilation to prevent moisture

how to prevent mold in house

Poor ventilation in bathrooms can cause excess moistness to keep lingering in this closed space, resulting in molds and other unpleasant appearances. Having a proper ventilation system in the bathroom is the first defending action against moisture and mold. You can have ventilation by installing an effective fan or by having windows and blinds. A sound ventilation system will help you keep the air quality clean, fresh, and moisture-free, preventing mold developments.

Make use of Mold-Resistant Products for cleaning and spraying

how to prevent mold in shower grout

The best way to avoid mold development in your bathroom is by cleaning it regularly and using mold-resistant products. A large variety of mold-resistant products and available in the market that you can use to clean up this closed and most vulnerable space. Furthermore, A mold-resistant cleaning agent will help you keep the surfaces mold-free. You can also use certain natural and chemical-free substances that are mold-resistant and found in your houses. A few instances of such non-toxic cleaning products include vinegar, lemon, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and a few essential oils.

Keep your bathroom dry and clean 

how to prevent mold around windows

The key to having a mold-free bathroom is to keep it dry as mold cannot grow without dampness and moisture. Here are a few simple measures to make sure that your bathroom stays dry. Always use a squeegee every time you are done showering to remove all that excess water. Make it a habit to use a dry cloth to wipe down all surfaces to keep them moist-free. Remember to remove loofahs, sponges, and other bathing products from the shower when not being used, as water can accumulate because of these things. Lastly, keep inspecting your bathroom regularly for leaks and, if needed, fix them as soon as possible. 

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Use Taheebo tea plant near bathroom

Everybody likes adding greenery into their surroundings as it is pleasant to the eyes and purifies the air. However, the damp soil in indoor plants triggers the growth of mold. The best houseplant to add into your houses, especially near wet places such as bathrooms, is the Taheebo tea plant. This tree’s oil helps obstruct the growth and development of mold in plant soil while keeping the house green and the air pure. You can easily find this plant at natural food stores and plant shops. Now, for the last step how to prevent mold in the bathroom.

Keep Monitoring humidity level

This is the final step how to prevent mold in the bathroom. Several kinds of mold can develop and grow only on humidity. The ideal humidity level ranges from 35% to 50%, and in extreme weather, it should not exceed 55% as that’s the favorable atmosphere when the mold starts to grow. Try to keep an indoor humidity monitor to help you keep track and monitor the humidity level. If the humidity levels reach 60%, you must check where the added moisture is building up and try to get rid of it quickly to avoid mold-growth. You can decrease the humidity by proper ventilation or by using a dehumidifier.

Final Thoughts 

All the above ideas are ways how to prevent mold in the bathroom. However, the most recommended these days is using a glass sheet backsplash. They give your bathroom a stylish look, are easy to clean, and can be purchased hassle-free via online stores. Explore the Fab Glass and Mirror store to find elegant glass cabinets and backsplashes for your bathroom, and choose from their large selection of color and sizes according to your preference, architectural design, and color scheme.

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