8 Tips to Take Advantage of The Space in Small Backyards

Have you taken a good look at the small backyard behind your house? Wouldn’t it be nice to have some extra space outside where you could spend quality time with your family and friends when the weather is nice? So, if you have been ignoring that backyard of yours, it is time to take advantage of that neglected space in your backyard that remains unused.

Regardless of the size, backyards can certainly be a space where you can escape to unwind, relax, or have fun. Here are some tips on how to turn your backyard into an enticing getaway.

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1. Remove the clutter

First and foremost, take a good look at your backyard to judge its size and space. You will get a better idea if you remove all the clutter lying there and free up the space. You may have to prune overgrown hedges or remove some trees if needed. Get rid of any unused furniture items or other accessories just lying here and there. Once you clear up the whole space, you can have a better start with a clear and clean state of mind as to what possibilities you could explore.

2. Decide and Divide

When it comes to compact homes with smaller backyards, it is a must to think and explore how you are going to use the backyard. The main aim should be to create a comfortable and functional extension of your home, no matter what the locale or size is. So, once you have decided how you want to use the space, divide the space into zones to maximize the outdoor space. You could strategically break it into multiple zones as per the multiple functions, which could be lounging, dining, gardening, or reading.

3. Start Beekeeping

Beekeeping is an excellent hobby for those with small backyards. Not only does it provide a source of fresh honey, but it also helps to pollinate local plants and promote biodiversity. It’s a great way to learn about insect behavior and the crucial role bees play in our ecosystem. To start beekeeping, one should research the necessary beekeeping equipment and local regulations, as well as find a reliable source of bees. With proper care, a small backyard can support one or two hives, providing a unique and rewarding hobby.

3. Comfortable furniture


Use the right quality, size, and a number of lounge chairs, loungers, and seating sets as per your needs and budget. It is a must to have an outdoor teak dining set, possibly under an umbrella, where you can stretch out and relax and dine with your family. Make sure that the furniture is unobtrusive and blends into the landscape. It is a good idea to position the table and chairs against a fence or wall for greater privacy and create more open space. If the seating is comfortable, you are sure to create an inviting outdoor space in your backyard.  

4. Light, accessories, and decoration 


You can certainly incorporate just the right elements in the backyard with just the right accessories and decor. Be careful to include just a handful of colors, as using too many accents and declarations can overwhelm the space. Use different materials like decking, grass, and stonework to give each space a special feel. If the space allows, use a fountain or sculpture to create a strong focal point. The sight and sound of water will leave a calming, therapeutic effect on you. Use small lamps or candles to create a lovely ambiance in your backyard.

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5. Carefully planned landscaping

Carefully selected designs and plants for your backyard can make a huge difference. The key lies in making good use of every inch of space and with the right elements. Avoid large overhead architecture to make your backyard feel bigger and brighter. Install a fireplace as it immediately adds warmth to the backyard, especially during the winter months. For summer, opt for a steel above ground pool which you can move around.

Use the vertical space to its best advantage by hanging planters on fences or building a planting column. However, be careful not to clutter your backyard and avoid bulky furniture or too many elements.

6. Add the muchneeded shade


It is a must to create a shaded corner in the backyard, and it could be in one corner of the space or near the pool. Use a good size umbrella and make certain that its rounded-shaped shape covers the outdoor furniture and creates a fun and inviting look. When you look at the shaded corner in your backyard on a warm day, you would certainly feel encouraged to sit under the shade and relax with an icy beverage and your favorite book. One can even create pergolas, awnings, or gazebos or use leafy trees for shade. It is equally important to ensure that the backyard space you create is simple to maintain and modify.

7. Gardening for colorful foliage


No outdoor space is complete without the natural greenery and colorful foliage. Go ahead and plant veggies, flowers, and even trees and work as per a solid visual theme. Container gardening is an excellent option for smaller backyards as they create vibrant colors and add flexibility. One can move the container plants in different positions and spaces as they like. You can freely use trees, shrubs, and vines in your backyard and should go for plants that thrive well in the local environment and are well adapted to the climate. If you plant some flowering shrubs and vines, you can enjoy their intoxicating scents, especially in the evening.

8. For privacy


You will, of course, want your backyard to be private and secure from any prying eyes. So, plan carefully and use screens, walls, or fences of appropriate height to create a sense of security and privacy. Arbors and overhead roofs provide not only shade but also the necessary feeling of seclusion. One can opt for thick bushes, hedges, and even tall shrubs if they prefer a more natural outdoor living space. As there is great potential to explore, one can easily transform the outdoor space which provides fresh air., sun, shade, and great views. Make the outdoor space more intimate and play up its coziness by using the right elements for privacy.

Make the most of that small backyard which can be simply great for entertaining and gardening. Go ahead and follow the above tips to enhance the space and enjoyment of your home. With the right landscaping, furniture, lighting, and accessories, you can certainly make the most of limited outdoor space and make your small backyard live largely.

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