25+ Must-Have Best RV Appliances

RV Appliances – Everybody drives an RV to the campsite so that they can have more convenience and comfortable camping experiences. The travelers won’t need to build a camp to experience the surrounding nature if they have an RV. And if their RV is one of the bigger ones, they may have most of the features that they have at their home. However, the RV needs appliances to fulfill their needs.

You can’t call an RV a living space if it doesn’t have any appliances. Appliances for RV are different than any other vehicle. It’s the one thing that makes an RV livable, just like home. However, RV appliances are different than the ones we often found at home. They are commonly designed to accommodate travelers’ needs.

For those who are new to RV living, you may be wondering about what types of appliances that you will need for camping. And since RVs have some limitations, you may also be wondering about the things that you should know before choosing them. But don’t worry. In this article, we will give you some useful guides and recommendations for RV appliances.


Types of RV appliances

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Once you know what to look for in an RV appliance, you can start making a list of the appliances that you need. Since there are so many types of them available, choosing the ones that are essential for the RV can be challenging. However, we already provided a list of ten types of RV appliances that are owned by most travelers.

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Stoves are the most important thing when it comes to living off the grid. It allows you to have the ability to cook meals in your cozy RV. Not only it will save you from hunger when you are in the middle of nowhere, but it can also cut your expenses.


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When traveling, people tend to pack at least a few varieties of instant meals. Whether it’s instant noodles, oatmeal, or instant porridge, most of them need a microwave oven to cook. Therefore, if you plan to bring some of those instant meals, you might as well have a microwave.


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Refrigerators are found in almost every RV. They offer a great variety of useful features. You can use them to preserve meals, store cold drinks, and even make ice cubes. However, since they are mostly power-hungry, you need to choose the most energy-efficient and Eco-friendly fridge you can find.

Coffee makers

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Many people need a cup of coffee every morning. Therefore, many of them will gladly add a coffee maker to the RV kitchen table. You should also add one to your RV if your morning routine would be incomplete without coffee.


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Getting a quick and delicious breakfast in the morning is essential to provide energy for camping activities. A portable toaster can supply you with some delicious toast on the go. But unfortunately, it draws quite a lot of power. So, you need to put that in your consideration.

Washers and Dryers

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Having washers and dryers in your RV will give you more convenience when camping. When you need to wash your clothes, you can just use the timer and do any other activities simultaneously. However, they are often large and heavy. So, you need to make sure it will fit well in your RV.


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Keeping the proper humidity is necessary to keep some problems away. High humidity can cause health issues, uncomfortable atmosphere, and even ruin some parts of the RV. Therefore, investing in a dehumidifier is worth it. Dehumidifiers can control the amount of condensation in the air and keep the humidity level right.

Air conditioner

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In some places, the weather can get really hot. Of course, you don’t want to get all sweaty and exhausted in such conditions. Therefore, you need to get a portable air conditioner to cool the interior of your RV. It’s smaller and more energy-efficient than the standard household air conditioners.


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The weather can get really cold in the winter. If you plan to travel with your RV during cold weather, make sure you have a portable heater with you. A portable space heater can warm up the air inside the RV. However, since there are so many types of space heaters available, you need to pick one that suits your preferences.

Entertainment systems

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Having a long trip can be boring sometimes when you ran out of topics to discuss. Because of that, many travelers installed some entertainment systems in their RV. Entertainment systems such as home theatres and gaming consoles can provide nearly unlimited content to enjoy.

Best RV appliances

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As we said earlier, too many options can be overwhelming. Therefore, you need recommendations on the best RV appliances to add to your RV beside the basics that we listed earlier. Fortunately, we’ve already prepared some below.

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Portable ice maker

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A cold drink will keep traveling in hot weather fun. This portable ice maker can produce 9 ice cubes in only six minutes. Moreover, it’s energy-efficient and doesn’t create much noise. And with its 2-year warranty protection, this is one of the best items to pick for summer traveling.

Stainless steel Gas Grill

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Many travelers will find BBQ on the go so much fun. This portable gas grill allows travelers to enjoy outdoor cooking everywhere they go. Not only it has a compact design, but it also has a locking lid, folding legs, and large carry handle that make it easy to carry and store.

Foldaway Skillet

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This portable skillet offers a bunch of functionality. It can roast, fry, stew, bake, and make a one-dish meal. Furthermore, it has a tempered glass cover and always-cool handle to make the cooking on the go experience even more fun. Undoubtedly, it’s an excellent addition to any RV.


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Using a refillable pitcher is much better than buying bottled water. It reduces plastic waste and saves money. This water filtration pitcher can help you save the environment. Not only it has a built-in filter that reduces impurities in the water, but it also has a compact design. It will fit perfectly on refrigerator shelves.

Air compressor pump

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Flat tires can turn any fun road trip into an annoying one. Therefore, storing an air pump in one of the storages is very important. This portable air pump can inflate any tire in only about 2 minutes. It’s not only made by premium and durable material, but it’s also protected by 12-months warranty and 180-days replacement.

Ceiling Fan

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This ceiling fan allows any RV interior to have a cooler atmosphere. Not only that, but it also features a big light source, so there’s no need to add a light source when you have it installed. Moreover, it also has a reversible motor that allows anyone to change the direction of the fan.

Portable gas fire pit

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Camping is incomplete without a campfire at night. However, collecting firewood and cleaning up the ashes can be exhausting. Fortunately, this portable gas fire pit can make the campfire nights to be more convenient. It’s compact, lightweight, safe, and environmentally friendly.

Shower dispenser

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Having too many bottles stored in the bathroom will be inconvenient. They tend to fall when the RV is moving. But don’t worry. Having a shower dispenser like this one can easily solve that issue. Not only it eliminates bottle clutter, but it also saves space and makes the bathroom neat.

Automatic drinking water pump

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This portable drinking water pump can be an excellent alternative to a water dispenser. It makes drinking from gallon barrels easier without needing to leave space for a water dispenser. Without a doubt, this is an excellent item to have in smaller RVs.

RV kitchen appliances

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The kitchen is one part of any living space that has plenty of tools and appliances in it. Picking the right tools to add to the RV kitchen can also be difficult because of some limitations. Fortunately, we’ve already made a list of the best RV kitchen appliances to add to your RV.

Coffee brewer

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Some people prefer to brew ground coffee than using powdered instant coffee. This portable coffee brewer will brew any k-cups or ground coffee very rapidly. It allows you to serve multiple cups without waiting in between. Also, it has a simple one-touch operation that is very convenient.


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Staying healthy is essential when you live far from home. Drinking fresh juices, shakes, or smoothies is one way to achieve that. Therefore, a blender like this one can come in handy. Not only it can make smoothies and juices, but it can also make puree sauces and grind cheeses. Moreover, it also has four types of containers included for more convenient use.

Thermal Cooker

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Having a thermal cooker onboard allows any traveler to have more variety of foods. It can be used to cook, boil, and stew many types of food. Moreover, it also has a keep-warm feature that keeps food fresh and prevents them from being cold. When it’s activated, it can keep the food warm even after six hours. It is one of the best RV cooking appliances to add.

Electric Water Kettle

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An electric water kettle is an answer to all your boiling needs. It allows you to boil water for making tea, coffee, or anything that needs hot water. Furthermore, it features a scale filter to capture impurities and steam sensors for automatic safety shut off. Using this to boil water is undeniably much more convenient than using the stove.

Glass food storage containers

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Any kitchen would be incomplete without these storage containers. They help people to store food and spices neatly in kitchen cabinets. They have a secure and airtight lid to keep the content safe. Moreover, the glass material is very easy to clean and is environmentally friendly compared to the plastic ones.

Dish drying rack

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Not only having a dish drying rack will help you to dry your dishes, but it will also help you to organize them well. It offers stable triangular design and scratch-resistant material. Moreover, it has a large capacity that will allow you to fit many dishes and utensils. Having this will give you three types of rack, two types of basket, a chopstick cage, a knife holder, and four hooks.

Stove burner cover

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A stove burner cover adds more practicality to any standard stove. Not only it protects the stovetop for damage, but it can also give an extra counter space to use. When the stove is not in use, you can use the extra counter space as a cutting board, serving tray, and even arts and crafts station. An extra counter space will definitely add more fun and convenience to any camping experience.

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How to choose your RV appliances?

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There is a wide variety of appliances that you can add to your RV. However, finding the perfect ones can be challenging sometimes. And you want to get it right the first time since these appliances are rarely cheap. Fortunately, there are a few tips that can help you decide which appliances to buy.

As we all know, RV has many limitations compared to a house. Water, space, and electricity are often limited when camping. Therefore, you should look at those three elements to decide the right appliances to add to your RV. In addition, you can also make a list of priority features that you need to add. It can save you from adding unnecessary items that you rarely use on the road.

For the most part, you will be looking for the same appliances that you often use at home. However, because of the three elements, you should add some specifications in choosing them. You must pick the appliances that at least can save water, space, or electricity. Therefore, you should focus on the space-saving and energy-saving items to shorten your wishlist.


In summary, RV appliances support many activities while traveling. They keep people in the RV as comfortable as when they live at home. However, because of the limitations that RV has, you can’t fit every appliance and feature that you have at home. You need to make priorities and pick the right appliances for your RV based on our lists. But remember, there are still a lot of appliances that we haven’t covered yet. So, feel free to look for more useful items to add to your RV.

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