14 Ways How To Become a Morning person and love it

How To Become a Morning person and love it Getting up in the morning can be difficult if you stay up late at night. Healthy changes in your lifestyle can help you sleep for 6-7 hours and wake up early in the morning. 

Becoming a morning person enables you to get more done in your daytime. Keep reading these fourteen proven tips that can turn you into a morning person. 


1. Make Changes to Your Bedroom

Tidy up bedroom on the morning and love it
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A cluttered bedroom makes it difficult to wake up energized early in the morning. The environment of your bedroom, the mattress you sleep on, lighting and ventilation, and several other factors affect how you wake up in the morning. 

Focus on changing your bedroom for a better sleeping routine. Buy a new mattress if the one in your bedroom is over seven years old. You can see here to learn more about choosing the right mattress. 

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2. Choose when you wake up

Your definition of “Waking up early” might differ from others relevant to your routine. You might have to wake up at sunrise or get more sleep till 9 am. It’s therefore important to identify when you have to wake up. 

Make a list of daily chores you have to get done in the morning. Identify how long it will take you to complete these tasks, and then set a time for waking up. 

3. Transition to your new schedule

You might not be able to make sudden changes in your sleeping routine. If you want to wake up hours earlier than you usually do, start by making gradual changes in your routine. Slower changes will help you modify your circadian rhythm without disturbing your sleep. 

If you have any sleep disorders, instead of making changes in your sleeping routine yourself, ask your doctor how you can change your morning routine to avoid any health problems. 

4. Stay up on the weekends

Commitment is the key to achieving your goal of becoming a morning person. Make sure you implement your morning routine on weekends too. Staying in bed on weekends longer than your working days will not help you develop a specific morning routine. 

Wake up early on weekends, even if you don’t have anything specific to do. Follow the same morning routine throughout the week to become a morning person.  

5. Don’t ignore the naps

You’ll find it hard to stay awake throughout the day when you start waking up early. Likewise, it will also be difficult to sleep early too. Not having enough sleep will make you feel groggy throughout the day. You can solve this problem by having short naps. 

Plan your naps in your daily schedule to stay energetic throughout the day. Don’t take a nap of more than 20 minutes as your body will enter REM sleep if you sleep more; disturbing your REM sleep is not good for circadian rhythms. 

6. Cut the caffeine intake

Cut off caffeine on the morning
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Presence of Caffeine in coffee can disturb your sleep. . Make sure you don’t drink coffee in the evenings; it can disturb your sleeping cycle. Instead of drinking coffee before jumping in your bed, you should take chamomile tea as it can help you sleep properly. 

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7. The breakfast routine

Another way how to become a morning person and love it is the breakfast routine. Time spent preparing your breakfast plays a vital role in your morning routine. If you prepare breakfast yourself, you will have to spend less time on other morning activities. 

Spend some time making changes to your breakfast habits. Identify all the ingredients first to spend less time in food prep. 

8. Cut your screen time 

Using electronics before you go to bed can make it difficult to fall asleep. You must leave your smart devices at least an hour before you go to your bedroom. If you have to spend time on your smartphone or desktop, use the blue light filter on the screen as it can help you sleep easily. It’s a easy way how to become a morning person and love it.

9. Evening workout routine

Doing exercise in the evening can help you sleep faster at night. Light exercise enables you to feel relaxed  and can aid you in sleeping. A simple cardio exercise can be done in your home, and you don’t have to visit your gym for it. Avoid a heavy workout as it can make it hard to sleep at night. 

10. Meditation before going to bed

Proper meditation can help you enjoy sleep at night, which in turn can improve your morning routine. Yoga Nidra is one of the meditation routines that busts your stress, allowing you to sleep at night easily. Take online classes about Yoga Nidra or other meditation routines if you can’t take physical classes because of COVID-19 restrictions. 

11. Set your alarm carefully

Hitting the snooze button won’t help you become a morning person. Additional sleep of 8-10 minutes in the morning doesn’t keep you awake throughout the day. Get out of your bed as soon as the alarm goes off. Put the alarm clock away from your bed so you cannot press the “Snooze” button easily.

12. Let sunlight in

Sun comes in from your bedroom window
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Sunlight in the morning can help become a morning person. Remove the curtains to let sunlight in your bedroom. You can use a dawn simulator if you live in a flat where sunlight cannot reach. Syncing the dawn simulator with your alarm clock can also help you wake up easily. 

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13. Get hydrated when you wake up

Drinking some water is the first thing you should do after waking up. Water can help you stay energized in the morning. Building the habit of drinking water in the morning will allow your body to get rid of toxins. Don’t put the glass of water on your bedside table. Place it away from your bed as it will force you to get up. 

14. Exercise in the morning 

Morning exercise routine helps you become a morning person and stay awake throughout the day. After drinking some water, a short exercise session can do wonders for you. You should exercise in sunlight as it can trigger the production of Vitamin D in your skin which is good for your health. 


In conclusion, becoming a morning person is an easy process that can be accomplished in no time. All you need to do is set your alarm for 30 minutes earlier than usual, wake up in the morning without hitting the snooze button or sleeping in, and get in some physical activity like taking a walk outside when it’s nice out. Hope this blog post “how to become a morning person and love it ” help you love your morning more.

Start to love mornings!

What is good about morning Person

According to the researchers at the University of Toronto, morning people (who get up before 7 a.m.) experienced a 25 percent increase in feelings of happiness, cheerfulness, and energy.

Why is morning better than night?

Working in the morning is shown to be more attractive than at another time of the day due to the reality that during our day we tend to wake up more frequently than at nighttime. The typical morning is the best time to follow patterns and follow schedules since it is less cluttered than the midday or after.

Can I make myself a morning person?

Becoming someone who wakes up early without the help of an alarm may seem impossible, but with the right tools, it is possible to do this on your own. Create a schedule that’s compatible with your biological makeup and establish a habit of waking up when the sun rises.

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