7 Must-Do Cleaning Tips Before Moving Out

When it’s time for you to move out, it’s also time to clean your house. Unfortunately, despite its many benefits, not many people give this step much thought before relocating. Clean and organized spaces make sorting and packing your possessions easier and smoother. It also helps you spot any damages or repairs that need attention. And addressing such issues before leaving can prevent conflicts with landlords or buyers and save you from potential disputes over the property’s condition.

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When moving out, it may be tempting to leave cleaning-up duties until the last day, but getting started early is better. This is because it’s difficult to predict traffic conditions, especially if you’re moving from one of the larger cities. For example, West Palm Beach in Florida can become extremely difficult to navigate due to harsh traffic conditions since nearly 9 million tourists visit the city annually. Therefore, having a to-do list and planning beforehand can ensure a smooth moving-out process.

So, if you too plan on making a similar move, here are seven cleaning tips that may be useful.


1. Break it into stages

You can distribute your time more effectively by breaking the cleaning process into several stages. You can set specific days or weekends for each step, ensuring you have enough time for all tasks. This approach lets you focus on one area at a time, providing deep and comprehensive cleaning. It prevents you from bouncing between rooms and chores, which may lead to oversight and inadequate cleaning.

Additionally, suppose you’re moving from a large city like West Palm Beach. In that case, it may help to hire professionals such as West Palm Beach state-to-state movers. Recruiting their assistance gives you plenty of time to focus on the cleaning while these movers ensure your belongings get packed and reach their destination safely.

2. Work from top to bottom

One beneficial tip for cleaning is always to take a top-to-bottom approach when you start working. The primary reason behind this strategy is that it allows dust and debris to fall downward, preventing the need to re-clean surfaces you’ve already tidied. You may begin by dusting ceiling fans, light fixtures, and high shelves. Afterward, you can clean walls and windows, removing cobwebs or stains. Once done, you can tackle furniture and other bulky items before moving on to the floors.

Although not many people realize it, this approach lets you stay focused and organized. It helps you divide your chores into manageable steps and track your progress more effectively.

3. Thoroughly clean the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most heavily used areas in any home, and potential new occupants or buyers will pay close attention to its cleanliness and condition. A spotless kitchen leaves a positive impression and ensures you receive your security deposit back or helps with a smooth property sale.

For a thorough kitchen cleanup, start by decluttering and organizing all cabinets, drawers, and shelves. Dispose of expired or unused items and pack up the belongings you plan to take. Next, remove all appliances from the countertops and clean them using detergents and cleaning agents. Pay special attention to areas that may have accumulated grease or grime over time, and clean the exhaust fan to prevent any lingering odors.

4. Wash the windows

Another crucial cleaning tip before moving out is thoroughly washing the windows. Whether you keep them open or closed throughout the year, they can easily collect dust and dirt from outside. Therefore, wiping them down and washing them allow natural light to filter in and build a brighter atmosphere inside the house.

Like cleaning doors or doorframes, you can start cleaning the windows by wiping off dust or cobwebs that particularly stand out. You can use commercial window cleaners or simple soap solutions to scrub smudges or stains on the glass. Be careful not to use any rough cloth since it may leave scratches on the window and leave them dirtier than before.

5. Clean switches and power outlets

Many residents overlook the switches and power outlets even when thoroughly cleaning the house. However, since everyone uses them so frequently, they quickly collect dirt and stains, making cleaning these essential. Before you get started on cleaning them, make sure to turn all the switches off to prevent any potential accidents or mishaps from occurring. Then gently wipe down the power outlets and switches with a slightly damp cotton swab. Be careful not to soak your cloth since excessive moisture can damage the electric components and pose a severe risk. Use a dry cloth to wipe off any lingering solution before turning the switches back on.

6. Clean the walls

Whether you live with children or adults, walls are often the first and most obvious places to get dirty. Hand stains, dirt, or chipped paint are common damages that walls often have. And since you can’t overlook these, you must take care and clean the walls before you move out. To do this, first, use a cloth or brush to remove any loose dust or cobwebs. Then, with a cleaning solution, you can rub and wash away wall stains, paying particular attention to the darker areas.  

7. Take care of simple patches and repairs

By taking care of minor repairs, you demonstrate better responsibility and attentiveness as a tenant and prevent conflicts with the landlord. You can inspect the property for small damages, such as nail holes, minor wall dents, or chipped paint. Fill these with spackling paste or putty and smooth them out before sanding down the patched areas for a seamless finish. For chipped paint, touch up the affected areas with matching color to blend it with the surrounding surface.

Furthermore, you can check the house for loose doorknobs, hinges, or handles and tighten them to ensure everything is in proper working order. Most importantly, take the time to examine the property for any leaks, drips, or plumbing issues. Hire a professional to repair these minor leaks or drips promptly to prevent further damage to the property.


For some homeowners, cleaning their homes and fixing things before leaving may be part of the rental contract. For others, it can be a common courtesy to have the place tidied up for the new owners. Whatever the reason is, a thorough cleaning can prove beneficial by allowing you to pack your things more efficiently and ensuring you don’t leave any essential stuff behind.

These tips above can act as a cleaning guide to help you with the process and ensure your home is ready to receive new occupants immediately.

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